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MisterAbs let’s you decide how to reach your fitness goals. He has created a variety of training options and unique exercise packages with different intensity levels. If you don’t see something you like below, then tell him! He’s all about customizing a fitness program that works for you. To learn more about these options and services, contact MisterAbs.

  • Ripped & Ready Bride!: Full Fitness & Nutritional Bridal Package
  • Mister Abs Fit Warrior: Full Contact Boxing and Kickboxing Training (equipment provided for 1 on 1).
  • Chiseled: Diverse Body Sculpting and Toning
working from inside out.
  • Amazing Grace: Custom Blend of Pilates Mat, Cardio and Plyometric drills. Dance & Yoga are also incorporated to enhance flexibility and core strength.
  • Ultimate Abs and Stretch: A Popular 30 Minutes of All-Out signature Abs & Core exercises combined with an intense flexibility routine.
  • Blast of Fitness BOOT CAMP: Customized BOOT CAMP with exercises and drills that incorporate Boot Camp drills, Body Sculpt, Abs, Pilates, Kickboxing, and Cardio.
  • Cardio Kick n’ Abs: Cardio Kickboxing & some of the signature Ultimate Abs Routine
  • Tour De Fit: 20 or 30 Minute Full-Body Circuit for the person on the go.

East River Boot Camp

Clip of Mister Abs Fit Warrior


“The BEST fitness trainer/instructor should have...
The PASSION to inspire people
The EXPERTISE to educate people and 
The RAPPORT required to impact people’s lifestyles.
But they should also be FUN.
Mister Abs delivers all the above.”
-Mister Abs

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