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Danielle Santoro, Sports Reporter/Producer

As a sports reporter and producer it’s no surprise that staying active is not only a passion of mine, but also part of my job. About a decade ago I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Levi’s abs class and I was instantly hooked. “Mister Abs” as he’s often referred to is truly a hidden gem on the Upper East Side. His energy his contagious and his workouts are always unique yet challenging. Whether its an abs class, kickboxing class or boot camp in John Jay park Levi always finds ways to give you personal attention to correct your form while cultivating an atmosphere that makes working out fun instead of feeling like a chore.  If you haven’t taken a class of his yet, do yourself a favor and sign up because you (and your abs) certainly won’t regret it!

TINA Recording Artist New York, NY
Star of Bravo's NEWLYWEDS

"When I had to shoot my video for my single "So Good" with Fat Joe, I knew the outfits would be revealing. So I went straight to Levi! We worked really hard! The preparation with Levi made me totally confident about my body, especially when it came time to shoot the video! He's incredibly dedicated and passionate. I was totally happy with the way I look and feel! THANK YOU, Levi!

T. Egan. Manhattan, NY

I cannot recommend Levi enough as a trainer! I have known him for over 12 years.

When I was single, I met Levi at the HRC gym. I noticed a class that was absolutely packed at night and that made me curious. Wow, it was boot camp on steroids! I enjoyed the class not just for the exercises. But due to Levi’s energy...always upbeat, rotating the exercises just when I thought I had it mastered, and quick words of encouragement or kindness just when needed! I then followed Levi to his abs classes...they were packed! It was a half hour of torture twice weekly but the results were fabulous!

I started training privately with Levi and my body quickly responded. I can say I felt so good about myself, Levi really had the mastery to guide me into my highest level of fitness. I felt so satisfied, wearing clothes that I previously couldn't.

Levi really works you hard, past the point where you couldn't imagine, but he has such levity you don't mind. Aside from continually mixing it up, Levi has such a positive attitude and funny humor, you look forward to training (it's the next day that kills).

Levi kept me in shape throughout my pregnancy too. I kept wearing lowriders until I hit my fifth month, no one knew I was pregnant. I was in such stellar shape, I was at the gym for 40 minutes the night before giving birth.

Bless him, I have to say, only 3 months post partum I was back to my fab body. I wore a bikini to the Atlantis when my daughter was 5 months!

Thank you Levi

Michelle A Manhattan, NY

“Levi is the most energetic and fun trainer around. I never know what he has in store for my workouts, which always keeps me on my toes. I am not someone who naturally enjoys the gym, but I look forward to my sessions with Levi. He will motivate you and help you reach any goal you set for yourself.”

Sara R Manhattan, NY
“Levi is a fabulous trainer. I never enjoyed exercising before working with him- he is the only person who has been able to motivate me and keep me from getting bored during the workouts as he always varies the exercises and knows how to push me. I began working with him shortly after having a baby and he helped me to drop all of the weight very quickly. He also genuinely cares about his clients and their results. He is an enjoyable person to be around as he is very charismatic and funny. I would recommend him without any hesitation. He really knows what he is doing and makes working out fun.”

D. G. Manhattan, NY

“Levi is simply the very best. He is an Excellent, well-rounded trainer. He is a positive motivating force, and will NOT allow you to be lazy, will safely push your limits to ensure you get results, and will spend the time necessary to ensure that you get an effective work out, each and every time. 

Levi is extremely professional. He is always on time, accommodates my hectic work schedule, and has a great sense of humor. Aside from being such an amazing trainer, he is a genuinely kind and interesting person. If you need or want a personal trainer, call Levi--you will not find anyone that can exceed the value he brings as a partner.”

Jon B. Manhattan, NY

“Levi is the best trainer I've ever worked with! Levi has me working toward a goal and is committed to getting me there. 

His sense of humor and sometime ridiculous stories take your mind off the sweet, sweet pain that he inflicts. I have seen substantial results, as evidenced in my reducing waistline and increasing muscle mass. Levi is also very punctual and willing to work with my schedule, which changes every week. AM or PM he has a plan and the energy to push you through the workout!


Lindsey Shaffner New York, NY

“I am training for the NYC marathon and I wanted to take a boot camp class at least once a week to get stronger and to help get in shape for the race. A deal came up in Lifebooker for Mister Abs Custom Fitness Bootcamp. I decided to give it a shot and bought 8 of his classes. I am almost finished with the 8 classes and you better believe I will be buying more. I feel so much stronger from when I started and I have definitely lost inches and am more toned. I ran 11 miles the other weekend and was surprised to find that I wasn't even sore the next day. I know that this is from taking his classes. Every workout is different and he gives you a total body workout. He uses everything from bands to Jump ropes and even sets up obstacle courses. I am confident that Mister Abs Custom Fitness boot camp classes will help to not only get me to the finish line but help me to reach my goal time.”

Karen S Manhattan, NY
“Training with Levi for years! He has just as much energy, enthusiasm, and motivation as he did on day one. He works me hard... but keeps it fun! I love that he constantly introduces new elements into our workouts. Levi goes above and beyond to help me with my training, diet, and cardio. He's truly an amazing trainer!!”
























Maureen Kelly, founder of Tarte Cosmetics

“Levi kicks butt! I thought he was such a great fitness trainer that I brought him back to my office to meet my team. He comes to the office twice a week and depending on our moods we do everything from kickboxing to Pilates. Not to mention, he knows how to motivate us!”

RENOLY SANTIAGO Movie and Broadway Actor

I began training with Levi when I was preparing for my Broadway debut in the Paul Simon musical “The Capeman”.  It was a starring role and I was to be play the leader of a gang.  I wanted to get in fighting shape for this role....  Levi was so attentive in our work out sessions,  I could feel he wanted the best for me and his dedication paid off...  People still tell me how great my chest looked in that show LOL!  I have Levi to thank.  If you want to get in the best shape of your life, Levi is definitely the guy to train with.'

A. Stumacher    Long Island, NY

“I started working out with Levy a few months before my wedding.  He really motivated me in a way that made me want to push hard and work hard.  He was very interested in hearing what I ‘saw’ of myself and what parts of my body I wanted to change and where I wanted to see results.  He made sure to keep these in the front of his mind, made a personalized plan for me that focused on the areas that I was concerned about, and consistently took measurements to prove to me the results that I was obtaining.   

Each week we did completely different exercises and due to the changing routines (weights, kickboxing, stretches, core exercises, etc), I never got bored and was always anxious to see what was coming next.  The hour a week that I worked out with him was the fastest hour of the whole week. 

My results were incredible!  I got so many comments about how ‘fit’ I was looking and felt great during my bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon.  My workouts with Levy really gave me strength, power, and motivation.

I could NOT have done it without him!!!”

E. Ascher Manhattan, NY

“I just got married last month and I was in the best shape of my life thanks to Levi, AKA “Mister Abs!” Knowing nothing about exercise routines, cardio equipment, toning or really anything about a gym, I knew I needed some help to look my absolute best for the most important day of my life. I got in touch with Levi from a friend who trained with him and simply said he was “the best!” She was right, every session from day one, Levi was patient and was always willing to answer all of my questions. He made working out something I actually looked forward to doing, and was very flexible with my busy wedding planning schedule. Levi created routines for me that I can do on my own and gave me tips on eating healthy. I never thought I’d be able to run miles on the treadmill and know my way around a gym. I felt great on my wedding day, and exercise is just part of my life now. Levi is knowledgeable, energetic and always flexible. He will help you look and feel your absolute best!”

“The BEST fitness trainer/instructor should have...
The PASSION to inspire people
The EXPERTISE to educate people and 
The RAPPORT required to impact people’s lifestyles.
But they should also be FUN.
Mister Abs delivers all the above.”
-Mister Abs

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